IWOTA 2022 Kraków, September 6-10, 2022

Final announcement
Please, fill in the form below concerning social events. 
The registration will take place on: 
  • Monday, Sep. 5, from 15.00 to 20.00.  in the "Jubilee Building" - al. Mickiewicza 24/28  
  • Tuesday 8.30-9.45 a.m. "Auditorium Maximum" - ul. Krupnicza 33.
 The organizers strongly encourage to register on Monday. One can also take part in a guided walking tour directly after.
How to get to Krakow
There is a possibility of traveling from the airport to the city center by train. Krakow Airport train station is located near the passenger terminal, at the rear of the multi-storey car park and connected with the terminal building by a footbridge. The connection is operated by Koleje Małopolskie. Trains are equipped with ticket machines.
Train/rout number SKA1 | Wieliczka Marketplace Salt Mine - Kraków Main Station - Kraków Airport
The timetable is avaiable on the Koleje Małopolskie website.
The ticket from Kraków Airport to Kraków Main Train Station is 14 PLN.
Krakow Airport is served by three regular bus lines: 208 and 209 and 252 and one night line: 902. These are AGGLOMERATION BUS LINES. For timetable see http://rozklady.mpk.krakow.pl/
Current departures of the city buses are presented on the screen located near information desk in the main hall.
For more information see https://www.krakowairport.pl/en/passenger/transport-en/directions/from-to-krakow-airport
The cost of the ticket is 6 PLN.
There are various taxi companies in Kraków providing service, including UBER. On the airport parking, in front of the terminal, you will find only the official airport taxi, more expensive, the other companies can be ordered by phone/app. The cost of the travel from the Airport to the City Center varies from 70-120 PLN.


Third Announcement

The regular registration for IWOTA 2022 is prolonged and it will close on  June 6, 2022.
Please visit registration form. Once you have completed the above registration form, please pay your registration fee before  July 10, 2022.

Late registration  (till August 15, 2022) is possible only with higher fee.


Second Announcement

Since the COVID situation is improving, we hope that the pandemic will not disrupt IWOTA 2022, and we plan a fully on-site conference.

Below we give some useful information concerning the conference.

The registration is now open. A regular registration will close on May 31, 2022. Once you have filled in the above registration form, please pay your registration fee (see below). The registration will be completed only after the fee is paid.

Late registration (until August 15, 2022) is possible only with higher fee.

The conference fee is 200 EUR or 230 USD or 900 PLN.  The fee includes: conference materials,  conference dinner, coffee breaks. The fee should be paid before  July 10 by a bank transfer to one appropriate bank account. The late registration  conference fee is 300 EUR or 345 USD or 1350 PLN paid to the same bank account.
Add necessarily  on the bank transfer the conference code „K304”.

If you need an invoice for the registration fee, fill in the appropriate form during the registration. Unfortunately there is no possibility to pay the fee in cash.

The deadline for abstract submission is May 31, 2022. The abstracts should be uploaded  during  the registration (the  LaTeX files and related pdf file). Please use the template. The abstracts of sessions talk will be sent to the sessions organizers for acceptance.  We hope to send  the conclusion back to the session speakers until June 20, 2022 (earlier
June 15, 2022).

The conference dinner will be held at the Wieliczka Komora Warszawa restaurant on September 8, 2022. It is situated in the Wieliczka Salt Mine (underground).

The conference fee includes the cost of the conference dinner for participants. The cost for accompanying persons is around 280 PLN and will be collected at the registration on the first day of the conference.

Application forms for financial support may be found here:   

  • US-based researchers: IWOTA 2022 NSF funds,
  • Early-career researchers: Stichting Advancement of Mathematics and IWOTA 2022 funds,
  • Ukrainian researchers: Special support for Ukrainian researchers will be possible; interested parties should write directly to iwota2022[at]urk.edu.pl

We express our support for Ukrainian colleagues.


First Announcement

Welcome to the 33th International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications, IWOTA 2022.

IWOTA 2022 is a part of International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications (IWOTA) series of meetings.

IWOTA 2022 annually brings together mathematicians and engineers who work in functional analysis and its applications to related areas.

IWOTA 2022 will be focused on the latest developments in Operator Theory, Functional Analysis, and related fields.

IWOTA 2022 interests include :

IWOTA 2022 will be held at the University of Agriculture in Krakow, Jagiellonian University and AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland.

IWOTA 2022 will be held from Tuesday September 6 through Saturday September 10, 2022.

Krakow is Poland’s prime tourist attraction, a must with few equals in the entire Central and Eastern Europe. In 1038 Krakow became the capital of Poland and Polish monarchs took up their residence in its Wawel Royal Castle.

Now Krakow is a modern European city and the beautiful Old Town area remains its vibrant hub with numerous landmarks, museums, art galleries, music venues, theaters, university colleges, etc. on top of myriad shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants.

As a famously known tourist city, Kraków has a well-developed accommodation base. There are many hotels, hostels/ students dormitories situated within walking distance of the conference venue.

For IWOTA history see IWOTA wikipage.

In case of any questions on IWOTA2022 please contact us at iwota2022[at]urk.edu.pl

We are looking forward to seeing you in Krakow!




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