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Krakow  has a very long academic tradition in all sciences including mathematics.
The first university in Poland (Jagiellonian University) was established here in 1364. The Chair of Astronomy and Mathematics was founded in 1402 and one of its most prominent students was Nicholaus Copernicus.

Nicolaus Copernicus Statue near Collegium Novum

The mathematics in Krakow is well recognised and has its icons:
in the 20th century two young talents S. Banach and O. Nikodym had started their careers here. The complex analysis group has also well established tradition in our city.

Krakow events and places - Tourist attractions

 Krakow is a former capital of Poland. Main tourist attractions are: Wawel Castle, old town with a beautiful medieval Main Square (UNESCCO Heritage), 15th century University building - Collegium Maius,  many old churches, museums and galleries including one with Leonardo da Vinci's painting "Lady with an ermine", salt mine in Wieliczka and many others.
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